Governor Pushes For New Bridge Crossing at Policy Conference

The conference covers a wide range of issues from education to business development. But on the first day…one thing was on everybody’s mind…a new government-backed bridge between Canada and the U-S. Critics…including the owner of the Ambassador Bridge...argue it's unneeded and represents unfair government competition. But Governor Snyder…fresh off a series of legislative victories…is pushing hard for its construction. Buttons promoting the project were even handed out at the ferry terminal on Mackinac Island. Wearing one of those buttons...Snyder told business leaders they have to get involved in the effort.

"As you have these couple days…and you have that porch time I hope you have that radar that says there is a legislator and I’m gonna go get them. So do that for me. Track them down and ask them why they don’t have a button on. I would appreciate that."

In the hours leading up to the conference…the Ambassador Bridge company released its traffic numbers for May...saying traffic is down for the month. From Mackinac Island, I’m Noah Ovshinsky, WDET News.

Gov. Snyder
(Photo Credit: Noah Ovshinsky, WDET)