This Is What Flooding Around Metro Detroit Looked Like (There Was Also A Canoe)

Monday, Aug. 11, 2014

First it was a little rain. Then it was a lot. Then it was an historic event with nearly five inches of rain dumped on metro Detroit Monday. The historic event, however, was not really to be celebrated as roads were flooded and closed, locking up the roadways in many parts of metro Detroit. We conversed with motorists via Twitter that had been stranded or stalled due to the water. Pictures were sent in from all over showing flooded basements and shots of lakes that were forming where roads used to be.

We were also sent a few pictures of people who made the best of the rainfall and pulled out their kayaks and canoes.

So what we did is took all of these images and mapped them for you. If you click on the blue bubbles, the image of the flood will pop up. These points are not exact. They are approximate. Many of the contributors gave us cross streets so we mapped those. Keep that in mind when checking out the map.

If you still have pictures to send, email them to or text them to 510-688-0817.

On Tuesday, we took calls from listeners on their stories of the flood and we also spoke with MDOT's Communication Representative Diane Cross about the conditions of the road.

Listen to that here: