Get Right or Get Gone: Breakin' Down Duggan's Neighborhood Blight Plan

April 9, 2014

Photos by Travis Wright

Mayor Mike Duggan was in Detroit's Marygrove neighborhood on Wednesday to announce a streamlined approach for targeting neglected properties for demolition or acquisition.

Supported by member's of the Detroit City Council, Wayne County officials, and the president of Marygrove College, Mayor Duggan made the case for a multifaceted assault on blight that requires quick action and complete cooperation from public and private entities, including the Detroit Land Bank Authority, Public Lighting Authority, and Talmer Bank.

"Every single property is being addressed"

WDET's Travis Wright was there. Using segments from Duggan's speech to illustrate the conversation, he spoke about the announcement with WDET News Director Jerome Vaughn during WDET's All Things Considered.

Vaughn asked Wright to set the scene.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones

Detroit Land Bank Authority representative

Marygrove College President Dr. David J. Fike,