DIA Millage Campaign Now Over: Millage Approved by All Three Counties

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Voters in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties have approved a millage that will raise up to 23 million dollars to fund the Detroit Institute of the Arts over the next ten years. WDET’s Laura Herberg has more.

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DIA crowd
A crowd of DIA volunteers, staff, family and friends await the millage results in a court yard at the museum.


A crowd of a few hundred people gathered in the back of the DIA to watch as the results trickled in last night. The DIA’s Chief Operating Officer, Annmarie Erickson, waited to see if a three month long campaign would quite literally pay off.

“You know we’ve all just been sweating it throughout the night, waiting to see what happens and we’ve all got so much invested in it and these are happy tears.”

Early in the evening, Erickson said she wasn’t going to be confident until ALL the votes were counted. But just before midnight, she decided to make an exception.

[Over a loudspeaker]

“We’re still counting, counting, counting but we just got a late number in. With 99.7% of the Macomb County in we’re up by about 1300 votes and I don’t think there’s enough out there to beat us!”

The millage passed in all three counties. Starting today [Wednesday], residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties can enjoy free general admission for the next ten years.