Nighttime is the Right Time for Violets

Violets: Andrew Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Stephanie Zmich, Dustin McLaughlin & Gjon Gjevalini

One of Detroit’s newest yet most buzzed about bands is gracing the stage of downtown Ferndale's annual DIY Street Fair this weekend.

Violets make downtempo trip-pop. It's sexy, sad, and wholly nocturnal.

The band brings a new voice and face to the scene, with vocalist Stephanie Zmich accompanying singer-songwriter Sarah Vaughn, formally of Legendary Creatures, at the front of the stage.

While the women harmonize wistfully, Vaughn's co-collaborator, keyboardist and beat-maker Andrew Davis, is joined by guitarist Dustin McLaughlin (The Summer Pledge) and bassist Gjon Gjevalini (The Cold Wave) to round out the sound, which hits on tones reminiscent of Morcheeba and P.J. Harvey.

They recorded for the first time, this week, live in WDET's Studio A.

Vaughn and Davis tell WDET’s Travis Wright that the project was born in the bedroom, as their previous band, Legendary Creatures was breaking up.

Violets are closing out the DIY Fest at the Loving Touch in Ferndale on Sunday night with Jamaican Queens and Dakota Bones. They spoke with WDET’s Travis Wright.

Special thanks to WDET's Nikki Fritz for engineering the session.

Download "Carrie" by Violets