Yes ... And ... Rachel Dratch! : The Detroit Improv Fest Turns Four

August 1, 2014

By Travis Wright

"I talk about the idea of comedy being a bi-product of what we do. Like if we're trying to be funny, it usually fails. So when we go to the audience for suggestions, if they're trying to be funny it's kind of the same idea. If you give a genuine response, the cast can work with that alot more than something you think is hilarious."

Now in its fourth year, the Detroit Improv Festival has found a stride ... and an audience. Dozens of troupes from around the country will join Detroit-based teams for the week-long juggernaut of improvisational, comedic performances in Ferndale and Detroit.

Notable TV actors like Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch (aka Debbie Downer), Keegan Michael Key from the duo Key and Peele, and Maribeth Monroe from Workaholics fame.

PJ Jacokes is the founder and co-owner of Go! Comedy in Ferndale, and the director of the Detroit Improv Festival.

When WDET's Travis Wright stopped by Go! to chat with Jacokes about the festival, they spoke about what new audiences might expect to encounter throughout the week.