Dearborn Historical Museum to Exhibit City's Mayoral History

February 10, 2015

By Marissa Gawel

Photo Courtesy of Dearborn Historical Museum

A new exhibit at the Dearborn Historical Museum details the work and lives of the men who have run the city since its incorporation. Dearborn has had just six mayors since 1929, whose tenures range from five to 35 years. Museum curator Jack Tate says each man’s dedication to the city resulted in numerous re-elections, especially for Dearborn’s longest serving mayor: Orville Hubbard.

“Very outspoken, and he’s outspoken for what he thought was best for Dearborn at the time, which didn’t actually meet what was, what would be 100% acceptable socially in the country as the whole, but he stuck to his guns for his city.”

Tate says, in addition to photos and history, the exhibit includes memorabilia like badges, trophies, and campaign posters. He says the display opens Friday, and runs through April.