Corktown Gets a Farmer's Market

Feburary 11, 2015

By Bre'Anna Tinsley

A new farmer’s market will open in Corktown in May. The Detroit Institute of Bagels is working with two local farms to build the market.

Brother Nature Produce is one of the partners. Owner Greg Willerer says the goal is to provide a space for small vendors where they can sell their produce.

"As a business incubator we want to help local business who may not have the high rent to go to eastern market and we would give them a busy venue full of traffic full of people who are interested in buying new things a spot to test their product out and see how business goes for them."

ACRE Farms is also partnering with the Willerer and the Detroit Institute of Bagels. The institute has received a $10,000 grant to build the market.