Primary Preview: Hansen Clarke Wants to Represent Michigan's 14th District in the US House

July 31, 2014

By Travis Wright

"If we actually expected something different out of elected officials, other than being able to run for election but really to serve all of us, especially those of us who may not really have a voice in the political process, we could actually transform what congress is all about."

Four Democrats are competing to represent Michigan’s left-leaning 14th District in the United States Congress, including including three prominent politicians in former Congressman Hansen Clark, Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, and Michigan State Representative Rudy Hobbs.

Sometimes referred to as the “Super S District” after being controversially re-drawn by republicans in 2012, it includes communities in northern Oakland and eastern Wayne counties, including West Bloomfield, Southfield, Grosse Pointe, and parts of Detroit.

When WDET’s Travis Wright interviewed the candidates, he asked them to meet at a location within the district they thought to be somehow exemplary.

The conversation begins with former Congressman Clarke explaining why he decided to meet outside a coffee shop in Detroit’s Campus Martius Park.

The primary election is Tuesday, August 5th.