Community Organizer: Long-Term Fix Needed to Detroit's Budget Woes

A Northwest Detroit neighborhood organizer says things must change in light of Mayor Dave Bing’s new budget proposal.

Kirk Mayes is Executive Director of the Brightmoor Alliance. He says with Bing telling the City Council that a state takeover is possible if Detroit can’t get its books in order, changes will have to happen.

“I think there’s a lot of tough decisions are gonna have to be made. We obviously aren’t as dense as we used to be and there are limited resources for a number of reasons. So for all of us on the northwest side as well as everybody else we are looking at another hit where potentially jobs could be lost.”

Mayes says the loss of jobs could have a serious impact on Detroit neighborhoods since the City of Detroit is one of the region’s major employers.

Mayes says city officials need to understand that tough decisions can be accepted if they lead to a long-term fix, but if pain is brought for a short term gain it will do nothing to improve the morale of Detroiters.