COBO Goes Big With Art

Wednesday, June 17, 2014

By Travis Wright

"The goal is to do more sight specific, large-scale pieces ... with more meaning, and more visual impact."

When we're bustling through the Auto Show, circumventing the grounds during Movement on Memorial Day, or attending a work-centric convention, we're too caught up in the event to stop and consider the art in and around the COBO Convention Center.

COBO has a serious yet often unrecognized history of collecting and commissioning art. But they have a plan to engage the city through artful enterprises in the near future. Maureen Devine is leading the way as the new art curator at COBO. She's working to create a nonprofit entity for a program that will allow Detroit and southern Ontario artists to produce and display large scale work.

Interested in learning more? Contact Maureen Devine: