Coleman Young Airport: What the neighbors would like to see happen

April 25, 2011

The Coleman Young Municipal Airport sports two runways, a passenger terminal, 400 parking spots, even U.S. customs. Yet when disoriented drivers ask where the Delta terminal is they’re told to get back on I-94 and head west to Metro Airport in Romulus. Private flights and cargo are the only traffic at City Airport. And that’s why in these hard financial times, officials are trying to eliminate the airport’s budget. But how would that affect the people who live nearby? WDET’s Laura Herberg asked people in the neighborhood what they would like to see happen with City Airport.

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City Airport Aerial

Let us know what you think should be done with City Airport. Whether the site is controlled by Detroit or not -- how do you think the space would be best utilized? Should they try to grow it as an airport? Just leave it as it is? Utilize the space in a new way? Let us know your thoughts below.