Detroit's Citizen District Councils May Be Tested as Development Increases

July 24, 2012

You may not know it but there are groups in certain Detroit neighborhoods mandated by state law to make sure developers don’t exploit residents. Citizens District Councils, or CDCs as they’re called, have members who are either democratically elected or appointed by the mayor. With development increasing in the City, it would make sense that these councils are becoming more and more important. But even though the City spends $25,000 on CDC elections each year, these councils appear to be powerless. WDET's Laura Herberg has the story.

IMAGE: The Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects

Click on the audio player above to listen. The Citizens District Councils discussed in this story are different than the other CDCs – Community Development Corporations. WDET discussed the latter in this past segment of the Craig Fahle Show.

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