Changes in the Film Incentives: A Personal Story

Earlier this year, WDET’s Rob St. Mary introduced us to a Dearborn screenwriter whose script was in the pipeline to become a multi-million dollar made in Michigan film. Today, Rob follows up with her to see how recent changes in Michigan’s film incentive program are personally affecting her career.

In February, Stevie Robinson was beaming at a Livonia news conference announcing that French film producer and director Phillipe Martinez of the newly opened Maxar Digital Studios was putting together the financing to bring her script, “Scar 23”, to the screen.

“What I’m doing here is better than anything I could have hoped to find in L.A, first of all and second of all I had my bags backed. I had the moving van scheduled to come and get my belongings. I was ready to leave. I didn’t think I could do it out here and I had been trying… not from lack of trying… I had been working around the city… and you know this… with some local independent film production companies trying to get noticed and it was very difficult… before the tax incentives were put into place and people were starting to come in… people who had decades of experience.”

That was Stevie Robinson in February… now, it’s May…

(follow up interview)

That’s former Dearborn resident Stevie Robinson. She says she’ll be traveling from her new home in Phoenix to meet with prospective screenwriting agents in Los Angeles this week.