Center For American Progress Issues Islamophobia Report

A new report released by a progressive think tank shows seven major donors have provided millions of dollars to Islamophobic groups in the past decade.

The report from the Center for American Progress says the donors gave more than 42 million dollars to groups with anti-Islamic views between 2001 and 2009.

Faiz Shakir is vice president of the Center for American Progress…and one of the report’s authors. During a conference call, he described the organization’s reason for compiling the report.

“From my perspective, I think we can all understand the Islamophobia is a real threat in this nation. It’s a real concern and it’s something we all have to deal with. Park 51, the so called controversy over the Ground Zero mosque -- which was neither at Ground Zero, nor a mosque -- helped educate the American public about the real concerns about Islamophobia. That people are using fear against people’s religion to be discriminatory and prejudicial in nature towards a minority group.”

The Center defines Islamophobia as an exaggerated fear, hatred or hostility toward Islam and Muslims -- resulting in bias, discrimination and exclusion.