Dr. Taj Fights to the End for 11th District Seat

November 7th, 2012

The battle for Michigan’s Eleventh Congressional district continued into the early morning hours. Republican Kerry Bentivolio and Democrat Syed Taj faced off in the district. But, Taj, who was down 6% when his election night party ended around 12:30am was not ready to give up. The Democratic candidate says he was waiting for major sections of the district – including Livonia and Troy – to be fully counted.

“If it’s conclusive we will give a statement. We will definitely. I’m not shy of the media. (laughs) (“unlike your opponent?”) Unlike my opponent, yes. (laughs)”.

Taj’s statement about media shyness is a dig at Bentivolio who has not given many interviews or public appearances during the campaign. Taj says, win-or-lose, his strong showing in a heavily Republican district wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his volunteers.