Stabenow Wins, Returns To Deeply Divided Congress

November 7, 2012

Democrat Debbie Stabenow won by a solid margin in her bid to return to the U.S. Senate. Stabenow held off a challenge by former GOP Congressman Pete Hoekstra. But Stabenow says she knows the next Congress will likely be just as divided politically as the current House and Senate. She says the lawmakers coming to Capitol Hill must find a way to break the stranglehold of partisan gridlock.
“I believe we have to. There’s too much at stake for the country. We’re in a global economy and we ought to all be sitting on the same side of the table competing with other countries. And too much of the time we’ve seen a circular firing squad going on. And for us in Michigan we don’t have time for this. We need to be pushing forward and getting things done and creating jobs.” Stabenow – who chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee – says the existing Congress could set the stage for renewed bi-partisanship by passing a Farm Bill during the lame duck session. If the measure is not approved…she says…consumers could see a host of price increases in grocery items like milk.