Snyder Says Consent Deal is Valid

May 17th 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says the consent agreement between the state and Detroit is valid, despite a challenge from the city’s law department. Detroit’s city attorneys sent a letter to Snyder claiming the agreement should be void because the state owes the city money. The Governor says he believes the agreement is still binding.

“I hope it was just a misunderstanding…and we’re operating in good faith to say we believe the agreement’s a good agreement…we’re working hard on that. In fact I was excited to appoint Glenda Price to the financial advisory board a Detroiter to the board. So we’re just operating as if the agreement’s valid and I would hope and expect the city to operate in that same spirit.”

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says he did not authorize the law department investigation into the consent agreement. State Treasurer Andy Dillon says Michigan does not owe revenue sharing money to Detroit.