Senate Armed Services Chair Praises Move Towards Cuba

December 17, 2014

Michigan senior US Senator Carl Levin is praising the White House for reestablishing relations with Cuba and enabling the release of U.S. prisoners.

Levin says he has a personal stake in the two nations’ prisoner swap.

President Obama is initiating the most significant thaw in relations between the U.S. and Cuba in a half-century.

He says the US is releasing three imprisoned Cuban espionage agents while Cuba is freeing US intelligence operative and a contractor Alan Gross, who was held in captivity for five years.

Levin says in a statement that he was on hand when Gross flew back to the U.S. and will never forget the sight of the contractor and his wife reunited.

Levin says he first met Gross in Cuba during 2011 and has repeatedly requested that the Castro regime end what Levin calls the contractor’s unjust imprisonment.

The Michigan Democrat adds that he believes a change in U.S. policy towards Cuba is long overdue.