Obama Says Metro Detroit Muslims Need To 'Inoculate' Youth Against Terrorism

January 16, 2015

President Obama wants Muslim leaders in Metro Detroit to fight the message of hate promoted by terrorist organizations like the group calling itself the Islamic State. A recent series of terrorist attacks and pre-emptive arrests in Europe is shining a spotlight on how extremist groups recruit operatives. Experts say groups like the Islamic State typically target impoverished, alienated young people with slickly-produced propaganda that couches calls for violence as a form of practicing religion. But during a joint news conference with Britain’s prime minister, President Obama said terrorist groups are perverting the true spirit of Islam, and governments need to be just as media savvy in promoting peace in areas with large Muslim populations.

“How do we make sure that we are working with local communities and faith-leaders and families -- whether in a neighborhood in London or a neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan -- so that we are inoculating ourselves against this kind of ideology,” the President said.

Mr. Obama added that the fight for hearts and minds will be just as difficult, and lengthy, as any campaign on a battlefield.