Obama Makes Rare Appearance With A Senate Candidate During Campaign Stop At Wayne State

November 2, 2014

(photo by Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo)

President Obama is in the midst of a campaign blitz on behalf of Democrats in several states leading up to Election Day. But the President’s low approval ratings have many struggling Democratic Senate candidates keeping him at arms-length.

Mr. Obama made a rare appearance with a candidate for the US Senate – Michigan’s Gary Peters – before a crowd of thousands at Detroit’s Wayne State University. The Campaigner-in-Chief chastised the current crop of Republican candidates for what he called a failed economic plan Mr. Obama said has not changed since he first ran for the White House.

“When one of George W. Bush’s economic advisors took a look at how many jobs their agenda would create he said ‘Not many.’ That’s George W. Bush’s advisor. They don’t have an agenda for the middle class. They don’t have an agenda for Detroit.”

Mr. Obama told the crowd a Congress where both houses are controlled by Republicans would be bad news for women in particular.

He said, “You know if you ask a Republican in Congress if they believe in climate change they say ‘Well, no…I’m not a scientist.’ I’m not a scientist – that’s what they say. But when it comes to a woman’s right to choose, suddenly they’re a doctor.”

Democrats are pushing for a large turn-out in Michigan, arguing that the GOP gained control of the state because about a million Democratic voters stayed home during the last mid-term election in 2010.