Chrysler Revives Dodge Dart Name in Fiat/Alfa Romeo Bones

The Chrysler Group is unveiling a new car was a familiar name it hopes will make a big dent in the compact car market.

The last Dodge Dart rolled out of a factory and into showrooms about 35 years ago. Later this year, a newly designed vehicle wearing that badge is expected to be introduced to the public. Reid Bigland is head of the Dodge brand. He says compact cars are a major sales segment making up about 15% of the market in the US and about 23% in Canada. Bigland says Chrysler’s challenges and growth over the past three years has set them on firmer ground.

“As Socrates said “An unexamined life is a life not worth living.” We have learned you’re our past, we have learned from our mistakes but we can’t forget where we came from as well. We need to continue to remain humble going forward but we are very proud now of our interiors and proud of how are cars have done in the marketplace.”

Bigland says technological features in the 2013 Dodge Dart will include a smart phone app that can find, start and report back on car usage, maintenance needs and enable parental controls.

The new Dart will be built in Illinois and is expected in showrooms this summer.