School Friend Tells True Story of Young Jeffrey Dahmer

Imagine being good friends with someone in your youth and then about a decade later you turn on the news and his name is connected to some of the most gruesome crimes in American history.

That’s was the case for Derf Backderf.

Derf Backderf

His schoolboy friend became the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Writer and artist Backderf is in Dearborn this weekend to talk about his new graphic novel, “My Friend Dahmer”. In the book, he chronicles his boyhood friendship with Dahmer as they two grew up in the town of Bath, Ohio – a small town a few miles east of Akron.

Backderf spoke recently to WDET’s Rob St. Mary.

(click the audio link above to hear the interview)

You can see a sample chapter of "My Friend Dahmer" by clicking here.

Derf Backderf
"My Friend Dahmer” Book Signing
Saturday, June 16th @ 2pm
Green Brain Comics
13210 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48126
313) 582-9444