McCotter Staff Charged With Election Fraud

August 9, 2012

Michigan’s attorney general is filing felony charges against four staff members of former Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter. Officials allege McCotter’s staff blatantly falsified petitions to place him on the state’s primary ballot. McCotter halted his long-shot bid for the presidency last year – then pivoted towards retaining his seat in Congress, where he was a heavily-favored incumbent. But in May state officials found almost all the roughly 1,800 ballot petition signatures submitted on his behalf were fraudulent. McCotter abruptly resigned last month. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is not charging McCotter with election fraud but alleges the former Congressman was disconnected from his own campaign. Schuette said, “This is a case of Thad McCotter being asleep at the switch. The Congressman has resigned in disgrace. The district got stiffed. The alleged fraud ranges from forging signatures to cutting and pasting names from old ballot petitions.