Low-Performing Detroit Schools Get New District

Michigan is creating a new statewide school district that will be in charge of the lowest-performing schools. The effort is beginning with 39 schools in Detroit. The new district is called the Education Achievement System and includes public and charter schools with test results in the bottom five percent of the state. That dovetails with the Obama Administration’s efforts to improve student performance in the bottom five percent of the nation’s schools. U-S Education Secretary Arne Duncan joined the announcement of the district by video conference. He said Detroit student’s poor scores on recent national tests underline the need to address student performance in the city’s schools. Duncan said, “What this test is telling us more than anything else is that frankly this city has no viable future if the status quo is allowed to stand.” The new program is also designed to offer students a more challenging curriculum and a chance at a two year college scholarship if they graduate from high school.