Former Detroit Lions Great, Media Personality Dies

October 10, 2012

Former NFL star and media personality Alex Karras has died. Karras was suffering from dementia and kidney failure… From the moment the Detroit Lions drafted him in 1958 Karras was on a unique trajectory. He had to call collect to confirm the choice -- and the team would not accept the call. Karras eventually played 12 seasons in the NFL as one of the original Fearsome Foursome defensive lineman, though he was suspended one year for associating with gamblers. He spent three years in the Monday Night Football TV booth, punched out a horse as bad guy Mongo in the film Blazing Saddles and portrayed an understanding father in the 1980’s sitcom Webster. Last year he joined thousands of former NFL players suing the league for allegedly failing to warn them about the long-term effects of concussions. Alex Karras was 77 years old.