Flint Emergency Manager Takes Over Detroit Public Schools

January 13, 2015

Governor Rick Snyder is appointing a new emergency manager over the Detroit Public School system – as the district continues to struggle with declining enrollment and increasing budget deficits. New School Emergency Manager Darnell Earley is charged with changing that situation. He served as the Emergency Manager for the city of Flint until abruptly leaving that post earlier this week. He becomes the fourth emergency manager for the Detroit district since 2009. State officials say Detroit cannot truly rebound – even after emerging from bankruptcy – until the city’s school system functions well and becomes attractive to parents. Earley says creating that academic improvement is crucial.

“The final draft of the story of Detroit’s rebirth won’t be completed until the chapter on the Detroit Public Schools is re-written,” Earley said at a news conference. “That revision is now some six years in drafting with at least another 18 months of editing left to be done.”

Even with the state in control the district has remained mired in a $170 million deficit and continues to see declining enrollment as it faces competition from charter and suburban schools.

Earley talked about the challenges facing the Detroit Public Schools with WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter…