Fieger: Kevorkian a "Rare" and "Historic Man"

Geoffrey Fieger

The Southfield attorney who assisted Jack Kevorkian with his original legal challenges says he’ll miss his friend. WDET’s Rob St. Mary reports.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger says Kevorkian was a friend. Beyond that, he calls him a rare and historic man who didn’t seek the spotlight. Fieger says Kevorkian fought for the rights of people to decide for themselves how they should be allowed to relieve their suffering. Fieger was Kevorkian’s attorney from 1990 to 1999. “It’s a rare human being that who has the courage… as Dr. Kevorkian did… the courage of his convictions and who is strong enough… who Dr. Jack Kevorkian was… to stand up against never ending threats and attacks that were made upon us by the most power figures in our society.”

Fieger says the legacy of Kevorkian’s legal battle can be seen in states like Oregon and Washington where voters have passed measures to allow doctors to help patients end their lives.