Errol Morris Sees "A Wilderness of Error" in a Famous Murder Case

September 14th, 2012

In 1988, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris’s film “The Thin Blue Line” helped to release an innocent man from Texas’s death row. Today, his latest book – “A Wilderness of Error: the Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald” – could do the same. Morris’s book investigates a murder case that put the Green Beret doctor behind bars for the killing of his family in North Carolina in 1970. The story was the basis for two other books and a popular 1984 TV mini-series called “Fatal Vision”.

Morris spoke to WDET’s Rob St. Mary about his book, the nature of truth and how his investigation shows MacDonald should be released from prison. Jeffrey MacDonald’s case will be reviewed by a Federal judge in North Carolina in next week.

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