Embattled Head of University of Michigan Athletics Resigns

October 31, 2014

The embattled head of the University of Michigan’s athletic program is resigning. Dave Brandon’s departure comes amid a firestorm of criticism directed at his handling of the athletic department. Brandon’s four year stint as Athletic Director deteriorated rapidly in the past few months as student groups blasted him for everything from changes in seating policy at football games to the team itself being mired in a dismal season. Complaints hit a crescendo in recent weeks when the Wolverines sent a player with a mild concussion back into a game – triggering questions about how concerned the school is with the health of its student-athletes. But University President Mark Schlissel says Brandon was not pressured into leaving. “It was Dave that mentioned and raised the prospect of his decision to resign. This was a couple of days ago. And I accepted that decision,” Schlissel said at a news conference announcing Brandon’s departure. He says he hopes the move helps repair relations between students, alumni and the university’s athletic department.