Eat 'Em Up Man Was Fixture At Tigers Games

July 30, 2013

The Detroit Tigers lost one of the team’s best-known -- if unofficial -- cheerleaders over the weekend. James Van Horn, a panhandler known to many Tigers’ fans as the “Eat ‘Em Up” Man for his distinctive, coin-rattling chant, was killed in a hit and run accident on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit. About a half-dozen years ago…WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter talked with Van Horn about the story behind the chant and the Eat ‘Em Up Man’s love for the Tigers…

The Eat ‘Em Up Man, James Van Horn, was killed in a hit and run accident last weekend while apparently pushing another homeless man along in a wheelchair. Those who helped create shirts bearing the Eat ‘Em Up logo are selling them now to help cover Van Horn’s funeral expenses. A company says they will donate a casket featuring the Tiger’s old English style “D.” A Facebook page has been set up for any information about the hit and run accident and Crimestoppers is also taking tips about the case.