"Detroit Works" to Target Three Neighborhoods

City officials say the Detroit Works’ plan will finally be implemented in the coming weeks. WDET’s Rob St. Mary reports.

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Under Mayor Dave Bing’s plan, three neighborhoods – southwest Detroit, Boston Edison and the Palmer Woods/University District – and some connected areas will be part of a demonstration model. Bing says he hopes the information gleaned from the project will help to improve all of Detroit.

“There are things that we are doing across the city in most communities that will continue. What we are doing is going to focus on these three areas here so that we can collect additional data so that we can get a roadmap, once again, to what’s working and what is not and then we can transition what’s working into other communities.”

Under Bing’s plan, the demonstration neighborhoods will receive targeted services but no additional public safety or trash pick-up. Bing says the city will evaluate the effort in the three targeted neighborhoods in six-months and make corrections accordingly.

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