City and Detroit Police Sign "Landmark Agreement"

The Bing Administration has reached an agreement with the Detroit Police Officers Association on a new labor accord. WDET’s Rob St. Mary reports.

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In a statement Detroit Mayor Dave Bing calls the new contract with the police union a “landmark agreement”.

Under the contract, which runs through June 30th of next year… a pay freeze would be in effect. But long term changes to the department’s pension system would take effect this fall and run in perpetuity. The changes include a new contribution plan for all new hires after July first of next year and a reduction in certain pension benefits. The new contract also spells out the addition of a 13th police and fire pension board trustee and allows the department to reassign officers out of 36th district court and have them replaced with civilian security and staff.

The Bing Administration says the new contact will save Detroit millions over time… but the official estimate of how much the saving will be is still under review.

The Mayor’s office says this is the first voluntary contract agreement between the City of Detroit and the police union in more than 30-years.