Debbie Dingell Launches Bid For Congress

February 28, 2014

Photo credit: Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo

The wife of the longest-serving member in the history of Congress is launching a bid for his seat in the US House.

Debbie Dingell today announced her campaign for the seat that will be left vacant by the retirement of Congressman John Dingell.

WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter has more…

John and Debbie Dingell were the prototypical Washington power couple – confidants who staunchly supported both Detroit’s Big Three automakers and significant environmental and health care legislation.

But critics say after eight decades of a Dingell representing Michigan in the House his district cries out for new blood.

Debbie Dingell counters that she’ll combine the new ideas of a freshman member of Congress with the savvy of a Capitol Hill veteran.

She said, “I know how to navigate the halls and I’ve got relationships. I think I’ll bring a fresh perspective – I don’t always agree with John Dingell on everything.”

John Dingell announced earlier this week he will not seek re-election to a Congress he says has grown “obnoxious.”

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