Dangerous Cold Grips Metro Detroit, Midwest

February 20, 2015

Record cold temperatures are freezing portions of the nation’s mid-section.

It’s the frostiest weather some states have felt in more than a century.

Last year the so-called Polar Vortex held the country in an icy grip.

Now what some meteorologists call the “Siberian Express” is pushing frigid air from 5,000 miles away over the North Pole to as far south as the Gulf Coast of the US.

Bitter cold is enveloping Midwestern states.

Hundreds of schools closed in Michigan as Detroit dropped to five below zero, breaking a record set in 1936.

Temperatures are expected to plunge to 15 or 20 below zero…not including the wind chill.

Chicago is having its coldest February since 1875.

And the frosty air is heading towards the already-frozen East Coast, where a mix of snow and cold will stretch from New England to the Carolinas.