Childrens' BMI Reporting

About 800-thousand children in Michigan are considered overweight or obese. Most children’s health experts agree that this generation of kids may be the first to be outlived by their parents. Governor Rick Snyder is expected to begin requiring doctors to report childrens’ Body Mass Indexes to a state registry aimed at tracking obesity in children. Doctor Stacy Leatherwood is a pediatrician with Henry Ford Health Systems. She says she thinks the Governor’s plan will help families.

“I think it creates an opportunity for discussion because the parents receive that information…and it could be a starting point for identifying those children who are overweight or obese. Sometimes because there are so many children that are overweight…we don’t even realize…we just think our children are average.”
____ A spokesperson for the Governor’s office says reporting childrens’ B-M-I figures will help doctors become more proactive in helping kids adopt healthier habits.