Web Extra – Destroy All Monsters Magazine Collected as a Book

In the mid-70s, Destroy All Monsters member Cary Loren started putting together a handmade magazine to promote his band/art collective. Collecting photos, collage work and found items from fellow members – artists Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw and Niagara – the original magazines were sold for about a buck a piece at shows and through the mail. In the 35 years or so since the first issues were created they have become collectible and recently a set was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection.

The Destroy All Monsters Magazine anthology book is an interesting look at DIY art from the Ann Arbor collective. The collages often feature layers of satire on pop culture using iconic images from 1940s film noir, 1950s kitsch, science fiction movies and celebrity culture.

I stopped by Cary's store - Book Beat in Oak Park - and he was kind enough to spend some time talking to me about the book, Destroy All Monsters and the state of lo-fi/collage/mash-up arts which influenced the magazine and the band.

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By the way, each book features an original art piece - which Cary calls a “three second painting” - created by Loren and his collaborator on the book, Jimbo Easter. Only 3,000 copies have been printed.