Mayor Bing Says Detroiters Facing Welfare Cuts Could See Assistance

Detroit’s Mayor says plans are in the works to help residents facing public assistance cuts. WDET’s Rob St. Mary reports.

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Detroit is Michigan’s largest population center and that means it also has the largest number of people on public assistance. A recent state law to cap most welfare benefits at four years over a lifetime could have a big impact in the city. A Federal court decision has pushed back the cutoff date from October first because of what the judge saw as lack of proper notification to recipients. Mayor Dave Bing says a little extra time could help make the transition easier for those affected.

“I don’t know what kind of reprieve they are going to get but whatever it is it is going to help us develop some plans to that we can try to have a safety blanket for as many people as we can.”

Bing wouldn’t say what plans are being considered or when they will be announced. Michigan’s welfare cuts are expected to affect about 40-thousand people when they go into effect later this month.