Bing Announces 1,000 Layoffs in Early 2012

One-thousand layoff notices are expected to land on the desks of City of Detroit employees in January. Mayor Dave Bing says the employees could be let go on February 25th. The cuts are part of a plan to balance the books against a $45million cash shortfall this budget year. Bing says he’s also working to get more than $220million in revenue sharing money he says the state owes Detroit.

"We hear through the media that Detroit’s crazy, they are trying to shake Michigan down, etc., etc. There was an agreement back in 1998 that the city lived up to its part of the agreement, the state did not. They owe us the money. It’s not in my plan right now but anything that we can get from them would be a plus."

Bing says he’s also urging the city’s employee unions to renegotiate their contracts to help the city save money. Over the past month, there has been a lot of talk from Bing and others about Detroit being taken over by an Emergency Financial Manager. A recent report claims that if the city does nothing Detroit will be out of cash by summer.