Bing Calls Council Meeting 'Sideshow'

June 22, 2012

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is criticizing the city council for allowing a meeting about the city’s top lawyer…to spin out of control. Bing asked for a recess in the meeting after briefly listening to public comment, mostly supporting corporation counsel Krystal Crittendon. She recently challenged the financial consent agreement between the city and the state. Bing disagreed with that action and asked for her resignation . Bing never returned from the recess, instead calling a news conference to declare he would not take part in such a disorderly meeting.

“I think our council and its leadership must be more responsible and respectful to the office of the mayor and to the citizens of Detroit. They have turned this into a sideshow…and I will not participate.”

But Council President Charles Pugh counters that it’s the mayor who showed disrespect by failing to follow the council’s established policy of opening meetings with public comment.