Alleged Flint Serial Killer Convicted Of Murder

May 22, 2012

An alleged serial killer in Michigan is facing life without parole after being convicted of first-degree murder. Prosecutors suspect the man of stabbing more than a dozen people near Flint. The summer of 2010 was a time of terror in Flint. Fourteen people had been stabbed – five fatally. Prosecutors say Elias Abuelazam chose the victims at random at night, requesting directions or help with his SUV. Investigators found the blood of Abuelazam’s last victim – 49-year-old Arnold Minor – inside the SUV and on clothing. During the ensuing trial several surviving victims identified Abuelazam as the attacker – and he admitted as much to mental health experts while in jail. His attorneys argued he suffered from violent delusions during the time of the attacks. He’s charged with murder in two more stabbings and suspected of others in Ohio and Virginia.