Rising Consumer Confidence + Falling Gas Prices = Strong October Auto Sales

November 4, 2014

By Pat Batcheller

"The economy, while it's not great for everybody, is a bit improved, and gas prices are much lower, which puts more money into people's pockets."

Michelle Krebs, senior auto analyst for Auto Trader.

Most automakers reported higher U.S. sales last month. Overall sales in October were about six percent higher than they were a year ago. Chrysler Group had its best October sales since 2001, driven by demand for Jeep and Ram vehicles. Sales at Chrysler rose almost 22 percent. Nissan sales were up about 13 percent. Toyota sales rose nearly seven percent. Honda sales rose almost six percent. General Motors reported a slight increase, but its sales were basically flat, while Ford sales fell almost two percent. Hyundai sales declined more than six percent. Auto Trader senior analyst Michelle Krebs tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller some individual models set new sales records in October. Click on the audio links above to hear the conversation.