Warren Evans Says He Can Fix Wayne County Government

October 31, 2014

By Pat Batcheller

"If the county's not transparent, if we're not clear about what we're doing...then that's problematic."

Warren Evans, Democratic candidate for Wayne County Executive.

Voters will elect a new Wayne County Executive on November 4th. Incumbent Robert Ficano lost his re-election bid in August under the weight of a financial mess and corruption charges against members of his administration. Former county sheriff and former Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans won the Democratic primary in August. When WDET Morning Edition Host and Senior News Editor Pat Batcheller interviewed him in July, Evans said his first priority will be making county government more transparent. Click on the audio links above to hear the conversation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: WDET asked Evans for a second interview before the November election. He did not respond to our request.--PB