Wayne State Using Ilitches' Gift To Develop New, Better Surgery Methods

July 21, 2014

By Pat Batcheller

"The future of surgery is going to be more minimally invasive. It's going to be technology driven."

Donald Weaver, MD, Wayne State School of Medicine.

The owner of the Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, and Little Caesars gave Wayne State University $8.5 million last week. Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian donated the money to the School of Medicine to develop new surgical innovations. Wayne State introduced the first successful heart pump in 1952, and produced some of the first effective drugs to treat AIDS. The head of the surgery department, Dr. Donald Weaver, tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller researchers are working on new technology that would let surgeons practice on a three-dimensional replica of a specific patient. Click on the audio links above to hear the conversation.