DEGC says Their Plan to Redevelop Old Tiger's Stadium Stalled

July 18, 2013

Photo Credit | Debanina Seaton

Officials from the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation say they have a plan to redevelop the property on the site of old Tiger Stadium. But they say a conservancy group for the field is creating a roadblock.

The proposed development includes retail, a new headquarters for the Detroit Parade Company, and a little league field. Detroit Economic Growth Corporation President George Jackson says he hopes the plan convinces Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy group to stop insisting and new field must be the same size as the old field.

"They may be willing to come off of their demand that they utilize--for all practical purpose--the entire field. So that we could have a development; we could have a project that benefits several groups of people and meet several needs of the city instead of just what one group wants."

Jackson says the conservancy controls almost $4-million of tax money that would help pay for developing the site. The Tigers last played there in 1999.

Photo Credit | Debanina Seaton