Grosse Pointe Park Could Stop Buying Water From Detroit, Extends Sewage Contract

June 25, 2014

By Pat Batcheller

"You're really at the point where, if you just make your own water, or produce your own filtration water, you're paying a little bit less than you are to Detroit right now."

Greg Theokas, Mayor Pro-tem of Grosse Pointe Park.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department lost one of its biggest customers when Flint began treating its own water in April. Now, one of Detroit’s closest neighbors could do the same thing. Grosse Pointe Park officials are looking at what it would cost to build a water intake and filtration plant on Lake St Clair. Mayor Pro-tem Greg Theokas tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller city officials have been studying the plan for a while. Click on the audio links above to hear the conversation.