Winter Time Heating Relief for Low Income Michigan Residents

June 25, 2013

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress

“Even with this assistance, if people don’t pay their bill or work with this program, they can be shut off unless they’re a senior. So, they need to work with their utilities to keep their heat on, to get their bill paid for. So, this only helps them pay their bill. It doesn’t pay their bill for them.”

—State Senator Mike Nofs, 19th Senate District (R)

The Michigan legislature passed a bill before session came to a close last week that would assist low-income families with their heating bills in the winter. The bi-partisan measure would allow utility companies to apply a one-dollar surcharge to their customers’ bills to help families across the state. State Senator Mike Nofs (NOFFS) is the main sponsor of the bill. He spoke with WDET’s J. Carlisle Larsen.

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Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress Segment Produced by J. Carlisle Larsen