Now What? Lawmakers Recess Without Medicaid Expansion Vote

June 21, 2013

Photo Credit | J. Carlisle Larsen

“If you get the calls that I get on any given day from people who don’t have insurance, who are in ER rooms—as he was mentioning—and then get spun into bankruptcy because they can’t pay their bills, so they don’t see a physician. There’s something wrong with that. It’s time that compassion come through…”

—Jim Haveman—Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health—speaking about Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Rick Snyder cut short his trade mission to Israel to personally lobby the State Senate to pass his plan to expand Medicaid to thousands of Michigan residents. His plea fell on deaf ears, as fellow Republicans refused to bring the measure to the floor, then adjourned for the summer. Snyder criticized lawmakers for starting their two-month break without voting on one of his key initiatives. WDET's Pat Batcheller asked Michigan Department of Community Health Director James Haveman what happens next. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

Photo Credit | J. Carlisle Larsen
Segment Produced by J. Carlisle Larsen