New Arena Could Mean New Homes and New Jobs

June 20, 2013

Photo by Martina Guzman (@MGuzman_Detroit)")

“I always get a little bit concerned when a development gets above the fold in the newspaper. I think a little bit of perspective is required. This will take awhile to come to fruition. I think it will be really important to the area…but again a little bit of perspective…”

—Robin Boyle, Chair of Wayne State University’s Department of Urban Studies

A new arena for the Red Wings could bring new residential and retail development to Detroit within a few years. The plan is to build an 18-thousand seat entertainment complex on Woodward Avenue just north of I-75. The $650-million project includes $200-million to develop several blocks around the arena for new homes and businesses. But can the project deliver the jobs and opportunities that developers hope for? Robin Boyle is the Chair of Wayne State University's Urban Studies Department. He spoke with WDET's Pat Batcheller. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

Photo by Martina Guzman (@MGuzman_Detroit)