Levin: Sequester Slams Seniors, Defense, Health Care

June 7, 2013

Photo Credit | Charles Dharapak, Associated Press

"You have to have balance. You can't simply do it through program cuts and the Sequester is showing that."

—Congressman Sandy Levin (D-MI, 9th), on needing to raise revenues through taxes.

It’s been about three months since automatic cuts to the federal budget took effect, and we’re starting to see how those cuts are affecting people. For example, Meals on Wheels says the cuts mean fewer seniors have something to eat. The military newspaper Stars and Stripes reports widespread furloughs for civilians working in the defense industry this summer. Sander Levin is the ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee. On Friday, he'll visit the Roseville Senior Center and the TACOM facility in Warren, where he'll meet with Metro Detroiters affected by the sequester. WDET's Pat Batcheller asked Levin what he plans to say to them. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

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Photo Credit | Charles Dharapak, Associated Press